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Hello, my name is Chelsea!

Entrepreneur | Educator | Business Coach

Licensed Financial Professional who's readily available to help you grow, protect, and save your wealth!

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I aim to make a difference

... in the lives of others by setting an excellent example of living a life by design, not by default. My mission to build a big agency and collaborate with licensed financial professionals who share the same vision is when it comes to making an impact in this world.


Additionally, I plan to create a safe space for children, teens, and young adults who may be facing difficulties at home, work, or school and provide a place where they can feel loved and supported which I believe is a crucial element in helping them navigate the challenges they face. I seek to accomplish on creating positive change and inspire others to do the same, bringing brightness to a community

My Story

Chelsea Rivera (Garcia) is a Westchester native who grew up in a mixed-cultural household. Her grandparents instilled in her the values of hard work, faith, and determination. Chelsea's experience growing up with an autistic brother who had difficulty fitting in at school inspired her to create a safe space for kids. She pursued childhood education at Westchester Community College and earned her associate in Teaching in 2021. While in school, she worked as a teacher assistant in a daycare and later became a head preschool teacher in White Plains.


Although she enjoyed teaching, Chelsea knew that her purpose was to reach as many people as possible outside of the traditional classroom setting. In 2021, Chelsea was presented with an opportunity to become affiliated with a firm called WFG, where she could still use her passion for teaching, but this time to provide financial education and a variety of services to families and individuals. She began running her business as a licensed financial educator part-time while being a full-time employee.


In January 2022, Chelsea made the decision to become a full-time entrepreneur, leaving behind her "9-5 mentality." She has been in the financial services industry for two years now, which has allowed her to create freedom of time to pursue multiple income streams such as trading and making passive income from a team perspective. Additionally, Chelsea is currently pursuing a business bachelor's degree at Mercy College, which will be completed in December 2023.

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Contact Me

I'm always looking for new and exciting opportunities. Let's connect.

(W) 914-318-4017

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